R&D Lead - Industrial Ecologist
Rotterdam Netherlands
About us
geoFluxus is at the forefront of innovation with the use of AI and machine learning to map material and waste streams. Our mission? Assist companies in making smart, sustainable decisions during their transition to a circular economy. One of the ways we do this is by supporting them in meeting their CSRD reporting requirements. Through our platform, companies gain insight through data and visualizations, allowing them to find the closest and most sustainable solutions for their waste streams in just three clicks. We are on a mission to make complex data understandable and actionable for our customers. As an R&D Leader, you will play a critical role in leading the innovation that drives the success of our products.

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Job Description
We are looking for a forward thinking R&D Leader with a preferred background in industrial ecology. As Head of R&D, you will lead our research and development efforts, aiming to foster innovation in (automated) CSRD reporting technologies and environmental management solutions. This position offers a unique opportunity to bring together environmental science, engineering, and social science to shape the future of sustainable business.

Due to the diversity of challenges, this role requires quick problem solving, flexibility, and active engagement. A typical day includes a quick team meeting, communication with stakeholders, individual research, collaboration with other teams, generating new ideas, and keeping up with the latest industry trends.
Core responsibilities
Research and Development
Take the lead in research initiatives to explore and develop new technologies and methodologies. Use your theoretical and practical knowledge from industrial ecology or other sciences to provide companies and governments with the information and tools they need to make the right decisions.

Technology Innovation
Drive the development of advanced software tools, applications and platforms designed to streamline CSRD reporting processes, automate data collection and analysis, and increase stakeholder engagement.

Project management
Manage R&D projects from start to finish, ensuring they align with project goals, timelines and collaboration with other teams.

Customer engagement
Work with customers to understand their specific needs, challenges and goals related to CSRD reporting and environmental management. Work with the sales team to identify opportunities for new product development and strategic partnerships.

Innovative Leadership
Stay abreast of industry trends, best practices and regulatory developments in industrial ecology, sustainability and CSRD reporting. Communicate your expert knowledge in this area to colleagues and customers.
Key skills
Bonus qualifications
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