We are geoFluxus

At geoFluxus, we are relentlessly committed to innovation by supporting companies and governments with clear insights into waste statistics, crucial for CSRD reporting. We not only simplify the complexities of data management, but also offer our expertise and valuable insights, gained through our platform, to actively support clients in achieving their sustainability goals.

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Our mission
geoFluxus wants to get rid of the concept of waste
We find that there is a huge information asymmetry between waste producers and (circular) waste processors. Waste producers are in the dark when it comes to the opportunities and impact of their waste management. Our mission is to resolve this asymmetry and ensure that when it comes to waste, environmental and financial benefits go hand in hand.
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Our investors
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Our company

As a spin-off of Delft University of Technology, we demand change by combining cutting-edge academic research with smart business models and a deep-seated desire for positive impact.
Developed the world's first circular economy monitor for the City of Amsterdam.
Birth of geoFluxus as part of the "Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator," made possible by Techstars.
The EIC accelerator excellence award.
The EU Datathon Green Deal Challenge.
MTsprout 2021 top 100 SaaS companies in the Netherlands #77.
MTsprout 2021 top 100 SaaS companies in the Netherlands #77.
Graduate entrepreneur - EIT Urban Mobility.
MTsprout 2022 top 100 SaaS companies in the Netherlands #84.
Launch of Waste Producer Platform.
Launch of Freemium to make the platform more accessible to smaller businesses.
25 waste profiles sold.
Launch of the platform for waste producers
Launch of Freemium to make the platform more accessible for smaller companies
25 waste profiles sold
Launch new functionalities within the platform that provide companies with a clear and reliable overview of waste statistics for reporting purposes (CSRD).
Launch new functionalities to support the formulation and achievement of sustainability goals.
We are geoFluxus
Our team

A dynamic startup with innovators and technology visionaries. Together, we strive to make a difference in the world with our expertise in sustainability and advanced data analytics. Meet the people behind our mission.

Arnout Sabbe
Rusnė Šilerytė
Piet-Hein Kerkhof
Kozmo Meister
R&D Lead
Vasilis Bouzas
Tech Lead
Siebren Meines
Account Manager
Matthijs van Zwieten
Sales Executive
Rui de Klerk
Product developer
Aliénor de Haan
Product Design Lead
Tim Hermes
UX designer
Join us!
Are you excited to contribute to a more sustainable world with your expertise? We are always looking for driven individuals to join our team.